How to make YouTube account?

Facebook Business Account YouTube is have plus point is ability to create YouTube video for advertising campaigns as well as infromation realated to business. so that you can get your business leads.

Easy Steps for make the YouTube account

1. Open Youtube & SIGN IN

Click here you will see this type of window


firstly you have to log in your personal gmail account its because for authority purpose. But kindly do not worry about your personal account information will not be shown publicly on your YouTube channel. then only we can do the futher steps. YouTube/collin

2.Create a Channel


Click on your account which at right side of corna on screen. Select the create channel option.

3. choose channel name and Name to channel Give the  page name to your business page
Here two type of channel are presnt
1.By Your personal mail Name you can make channel Name.
2.custom channel in that your personal mail name are not shown in your YouTube video. so here Collin is explain you custom channel step. then write your YouTube channel name.

4. Add your profile picture write the caterogy to your business page

5. write your Channel description and add your social media links. write  your business address to page
Here in description box write about your channel in breif and add social media links even your website links.

6. Upload your video in youTube write the caterogy to your business page
Upload your first video on YouTube by click on uploaad option.

7. Write the details of video as Title,Description and Selection of Audience write the caterogy to your business page
First given title to your video, then description your video in breif. select audience type of your video.

8. write here Tags related to your video n subtitle if required. write the caterogy to your business page
most imporant of add video is right proper tags to your video which is useful for better ranking to your video,if you have done your video in regional language then select substile.

9.Your Video is upload in YouTube write your first post on your Business Page In youtube new option is presnt that u can edit your video and you can choose options that your video is public or private
Now you can share the that video to everyone by share link of your video. At last create amazing videos that everyone watch and share it with others. after you become popular u can add advertising on videos to earn some profit form them.