Bungalow Plots Sales Management Software

Are you tired of managing your real estate sales process manually? Do you want to streamline customer management, plot sales, expenses, marketing, and reporting in one place? Look no further than our Open Bungalow Plots Sales Management Application! Our application is designed to simplify the real estate sales process and provide you with all the necessary features to manage your sales efficiently. Here are some of the key features of our application:

  • Customer Management:
  • Our application allows you to manage your customers with ease. You can generate tokens, book plots, and manage EMI payments seamlessly.

  • Plots Management:
  • Our application helps you manage all your plots efficiently. You can track plot availability, bookings, and pricing details in one place.

  • Expenses Management:
  • With our application, you can track all your expenses related to plot sales, such as legal fees, advertising costs, etc.

  • Marketing Calls Records:
  • Our application helps you keep track of all your marketing calls with customers. You can easily access call recordings and analyze customer behavior.

  • Plot Visitor Management:
  • Our application helps you manage plot visitors and generate reports on plot visits.

  • Plot Sales Documents Management:
  • With our application, you can manage all your plot sales documents, such as Kharedi Khat and Power of Attorney, in one place.

  • Bulk SMS for Marketing:
  • Our application allows you to send bulk SMS to customers for marketing purposes

  • All Types of Reports in One Click:
  • Our application generates reports on all aspects of the sales process, such as customer data, plot availability, expenses, and marketing calls, with just one click.